Fall Photo Album
Posted on 11.25.04
The "Hester tribe" had dinner together with their families this month - a first since the twins were born! It was chaos but we got a few good shots of Sydney and Abby White.
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Fall Photo Album
Posted on 11.25.04
Pumpkins, costumes, zoos and petting zoos...all the fun stuff from Fall.
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Bass Lake, July 2004
Posted on 7.30.04
Photos from our 2004 Bass Lake trip...can't wait till next year!!!
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Syd's one-year old Portraits
Posted on 6.10.04
Jeff Hatfield took these shots of Syd for her first birthday.
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Syd's first birthday party
Posted on 04.01.05
It only took a year to edit the footage together! Well, it's finally slapped together with the requisite Beatles tune (I'll work on that, I promise). It's already getting hard to remember she was this small! Enjoy...
(Quicktime; 20 Mb)
Music: The Beatles, "Birthday"
5 months old
Posted on 05.09.05
We got this footage from a friend from when we were moving into our condo. That was October 2003 and Syd was 5 months old, just coming alive with her sounds and smiles. The bathing footage alone is worth the download...she's going to want to sue us for showing this to you.
(Quicktime; 11 Mb)
Music: Bright Eyes, "First Day of My Life"
Sydney Marin's Birthday
Posted on 06.23.03
Syd's Birthday movie has been recently re-edited for your enjoyment.
(Quicktime; 20 Mb)
Music: The Beatles, "In My Life"
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