The New Year
Posted on 2.2.06
Yes, it's been a while since last photos posted. It's been a busy month I guess! Syd's been on outings with mom and her pals and here's the evidence.
Hawaii, November 2005
Posted on 2.8.05
Another photo album that took way too long to post. Here are some photos from our glorious trip to Kawaii at Thanksgivingtime.
Posted on 10.31.05
It's about time we updated this page! Our computer goes wacky for a week and suddenly, there's a backlog of images. Sorry if you check this page regularly. Anyway, we've had fun this month getting into the "dress up" spirit with Sydney. She is fond of her magic wand, to be sure. Enjoy!
Posted on 09.21.05
Mary Poppins finally got her point across - that is, to fly a kite, right? - and Sydney asked and asked to do so until we went and bought one. As you'll see, her attention span for it lasted about as long as it took to get in the air, then the water looked like a lot more fun. Next time, we'll fly a kite in a field!
(Quicktime; 8.5 Mb)
Music: U2, "Kite"
Summer Travels
Posted on 08.03.05
We've been out of town quite a bit in July. Here are some photos from our travels.
Sydney's Second Birthday Party
Posted on 06.18.05
Our little baby is now a back-talkin', food-throwin', "no"-sayin', trouble-finding two year old. Still, cute though. Check out the video from her birthday party.
(Quicktime; 24 Mb)
Music: Annie, "Me Plus One"
Two Year Retrospective
Posted on 06.18.05
OK - this is sort of a large file...sorry about that. Anyway, if you want to check out a two year retrospective slide show of our time with Sydney, just assume you'll have to wait a little while before this sucker kicks up. Worth the wait! Of course, if you don't want to wait, "drop us a line" and request a DVD. I'll send one to you with every movie on this site. No joke.
(Quicktime; 56 Mb)
Music: Iron & Wine, "Passing Afternoon" | Sixpence None the Richer, "Dancing Queen"
"I love the LA Zoo!"
Posted on 05.31.05
So maybe we didn't get a ton of footage again, but the intro to this movie makes it worth a laugh or two...anyway, the LA Zoo is a lot of fun and we'll probably have to go back again soon. You can only see so much of it when by the end of the day, the toddler is in desperate need of a nap!
(Quicktime; 16 Mb)
Music: Katrina and the Waves, "Walking on Sunshine"
Camping in the SY Valley
Posted on 05.09.05
It was a beautiful weekend in Santa Barbara ... so we decided to leave! We took Sydney camping over the hill in Santa Ynez. We took some, not a ton, of footage...
(Quicktime; 11 Mb)
Music: Coldplay, "Talk" (Early Version)
April & May photos
Posted on 05.09.05
Some random photos from the past month...parties, the beach, etc.
Bedtime for Sydney
Posted on 04.07.05
Bedtime can be fun if mom and dad are taping you and you can run away at any moment. Or if you sing your ABCB's while you get a diaper put on.
(Quicktime; 6 Mb)
Music: The Cure, "Let's Go to Bed"
January-March 2005
Posted on 03.29.05
Some photos of family and friends from the first part of 2005.
Kid's World
Posted on 03.06.05
Well, the camera had very little battery life when we got to the park (of course), but here's the footage we did get before the battery light started blinking.
(Quicktime; 5 Mb)
Music: The Beatles, "Hello, Goodbye"
Sydney loves to sing!
Posted on 02.17.05
Shall we color or shall we sing? Sydney puts down the crayons for a bit so we can do some singing in the living room! You'll see she gets irked if you're not singing along.
(Windows Media File; 7 Mb)
Make up a silly song
Posted on 02.17.05
Here's something Sydney's been pretty taken with - songs with lyrics including everyone she knows...
(Windows Media FIle; 8.5 Mb)
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